gear shaft

Positioning base the choice of gear shaft upon the planetary gearbox surface of the main processing purchase, to a huge extent depends on selecting locating datum structure characteristics and the main shaft of the shaft parts upon the surface of the main location accuracy necessity is decided the axis since benchmark may be the ideal not only ensure that benchmark is unified, and make the locating datum and the design datum coincidence outdoors circle meant for crude benchmark additionally, upon both sides of a sharpened hole for good benchmark concrete also notice the following factors: (1) when the choice between machined surface area when the position accuracy of high, greatest completed in a clamping surface area processing (2) for tough machining or when two end center holes (such as for example spindle cone hole) cannot be used designed for positioning, to enhance the stiffness of the procedure system during workpiece processing, just cylindrical surface area or cylindrical surface area and one end center hole can be utilized as positioning reference